Meet ICO (Initial Coins Offering) ver. 2.0!

Profit Management Smart Contract Framework

About ICO Tokens 2.0

As Vitalik Buterin recently mentioned, the current model used in ICO is somewhat flawed. Neither price of a token (coin) is based on any real life foundation, nor the obligations of an issuing company are, in any way, solid... to be honest, in most cases there are no obligations whatsoever.

As the blockchain technology matures, the situation has to be addressed by introducing new solutions making ICO tokens a reliable investment rather than hignly risky gambling based on nothing but hypes.

To answer the market demand, we are happy to introduce a ShareHolder contract: revolutionary ICO 2.0 solution, a token that is bound by the smart contract to the profits of an issuing company and therefore, if the company makes any profits, so will the token it issued.

About ShareHolder

Built on Ethereun block chain, ShareHolder contract provides a state of the art platform for managing profits earned by an arbitrary number of so-called "attached" smart contracts. Any contract can attach itself to "ShareHolder" if it implements a very simple functionality used by ShareHolder Platform.

In November 2017 SnowCron Group has announced the whitepaper providing details and plans to make the service available by the end of the year. It creates the world’s first, next-generation unified interface for Ethereum contracts that behave closer to common shares, providing dividend payments management and an easy integration with a range of existing solutions.

While many startups have been taking advantage of ICO opportunities for funding, investing in them is not regulated and generally speaking, nothing protects the investor from loosing money. ShareHolder contract uses a different model: price of the "share" never goes down, period.

The ShareHolder Platform

ShareHolder is a Smart Contract Technology and an ecosystem for other smart contracts to rely upon. The "attached" contract(s) can delegate it all the tasks of handling the contract's profit: distributing dividends among share holders, letting share holders to buy/sell shares (and to receive future dividends), determine the market price of a "share" and so on. The "share" itself is organized in such a way that its price never decreases, strictly speaking it is not a share, but an accumulating bank account.

Developers can leverage ShareHolder to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers without getting into details of profit sharing. ShareHolder contract is fully compatible with ERC20 and other modern standards, it meets customer needs while being audited and secure.

Making your contract ShareHolder compatible is very easy, all it takes is implementing few (and we mean it: FEW!) lines of code by following an example from the tutorial. ShareHolder makes deployment and use of smart contracts easier, faster and more cost-effective, speeding up the development cycle. For more information on how to invest in ShareHolder, visit Investing in ShareHolder Tutorial.



Sample Use Cases

The ShareHolder smart contract serves as a connection between businesses, developers, and real-world users. Below, we have key use cases listed; please keep in mind that there can be more, as the functionality it provides is generally the same for many different businesses. An approach we take makes possible for smart contracts and blockchain developers, to focus on delivering high quality products without the need to reinvent the wheel.


ShareHolder manages profits received from group of attached contracts, distributing money according to number of shares held by beneficiary. Shares can be bought/sold at their current price.


A success of the fund rising event does not guarantee that people purchacing tokens will get anything in return. But if token is connected to ShareHolder contract, the predefined percent of the profit (if any) will be diverted to share holders. Automatically.


What we offer


Become a Share Holder
Participate in business
Increase your profit by promoting business
Price of shares can only go up

Small Businesses

Focus on YOUR contracts
Let ShareHolder handle dividends
Manage multiple contracts as one


Auditored security
Market leadership and cost efficiency
Unlimited scalability
Full ERC-20 compatibility

Upcoming ICO

The ShareHolder token, NOT based on ERC20, will be made available in initial crowd funding effort. "NOT based" here means that we have the next generation ICO 2.0 token that can use ERC20, but does not have to.


Simplicity: under five lines of code
Compatibility: no known conflicts
Stability: no known issues
Stop reinventing the wheel

Web UI

Historical Data
Detailed Statistics

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

During our token generation event, we will issue up to 10,000 shares at a fixed price. As the initial funding and development are already completed, a ShareHolder Contract will run as scheduled even if ICO fails, however all the development will slow down. 20% of amount raised during ICO will cover Signature Campaign and Bug Bounty, while the rest will be distributed among investors as shares. Keep in mind that, unlike tokens, shares can be bought and sold freely at the price that reflects an accumulated profit.


What we have created



Yes, we built Pyramids



We built Big Hadron Collider


Not yet...

... we are working on it

What our customers say

Time Line

Our plans for the nearest future


ShareHolder contract is up and running, so nothing prevents us from buying and selling shares; as the mater of fact, this is what "up and running" means for this contract.


A fund rising event will be held after additional testing. Tokens are distributed in parallel with ShareHolder's shares, as a mean of rewarding participants.


ShareHolder is made available for 3rd party contracts to attach to it. It handles dividends paid to investors, and also manages buying and selling shares.


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