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Online Art Flee Market

This site provides online flee market services. You can place ad describing your item, and if someone gets interested, he'll be able to send you a message.

We do not publish your contact information for everyone to see. Instead, when your potential customer wishes to contact you, WE send you a message. For your client to see your contact info, you have to reply to it.

We do not provide any additional services after that point: contacting your client and conducting negotiations is up to you.

Example. You have a painting. You need to register and to place an ad.

Your client finds it using our Search system and wishes to buy it. He clicks "Send message to seller" button and writes "I want to purchase your painting, would you ship to Iowa?"

We send this message to you, together with the person's e.mail. Now you can write to her/him or ignore the message. If you choose to write, you have a customer to conduct negotiations; we are not involved anymore.

A fair warning: you should use common sence to avoid Internet fraud. Read the Disclaimer.

Artists Listing.

As an artist, you probably want to increase your Internet presence. As part of our services, you can add a small "About me" page that to our listing. The page contains basic information (whatever you wish to tell to your audience), small set of samples and a link to your web page (if any).

Consider this service a specialized version of Yellow Pages.

All basic servises are free. Additional services (like item positioning in search results) are available for fee, but the idea is to keep free part of the site fully usable.

Language and units.

You are strongly advised (but not required) to use English when describing your item. Few reasons:
First, English is the most used international language. Your ad will reach more people. Second, our Search Engine is tuned to use English keywords, so even if your page is in other language, please keep your keywords English, it will increase your visibility to visitors MANY TIMES.

As for units (meaning currency), please use US dollars equivalent: our Search Engine supports "price range", and for your item to be positioned properly, it should be priced in USD.

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